Friday, July 10, 2015

Brokenness and family

And where do we begin to talk about the brokenness that happens within our families.
Knowing how I'll hurt my children, my husband, my sisters, my parents...
it is overwhelming.
And debilitating.

Why try?

And this is where we start.
Our families.
It's where we begin.
It's where we learn.
It's how we start to 'be' present in our lives and how to 'do' intimacy.

And it's where we fail.

I know,
that here I am speaking very generally.
I know,
in many families,
there are pains and betrayals beyond imagining.

I want to begin to talk about the
of a book of contemplative, intentional family prayers.
And so,
my discussion incorporates,
I guess to put it easily and mildly,
the general relational hurts and pains and betrayals we inflict.

And I think,
that these ways of relating in a family,
become even more difficult in a a society that values being busy, having lots of activity,
rushing off to the next thing we need to do,
whether that be sports or church or bible study or volunteering.
And our constant ability to stay in contact with the world
via social media or smart phones or whatever
can cause us to model and expose lives that are very different from reality.
And what may make us seem like we are close to one another,
may not be the case.

And so.
Prayer walks in.
It says: stop.
Be silent.
By yourself or with a friend or a daughter or a husband or a mom.
Quiet your lives,
before something bigger than a hand held screen
and more real than the air we breathe.
And for a moment,
hold a hand.
Talk about something eternal
with The Eternal.

in these moments,
expose your heart,
your soul.
Say words that matter,
no matter what they are.

Lay it all out and down and before and behind.
At dinner or breakfast or before bed or any time in between,
come away with me, with us,
and just be.

Be honest
and intimate.
Establish something within a family,
that place where you will be hurt,
but that home where what is established is honest and good even if there is pain,
so that what is started continues and looks out to a world and says:
we are not perfect,
but we believe in redemption and restoration and real.

My children are still young,
I have no idea if this "works."
But I remember being in high school
and before leaving each morning,
my parents would gather us
and we would pray.
All of us.
I was a teen and hated it.
Now, though, I remember...
I remember...
it lasts.

Because hope lasts.
Real lasts.
Intimacy lasts.

And maybe,
what lasts,
starts with prayer.

What are some things you do or did with your family to establish routines of prayer and intimacy and relationship with one another and God? Please comment.

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