I'm April Ispas. But for 37 years I was April Folkertsma and I blogged (not for 37 years, but for 5) at under the title Learning.

I'm not done learning. But life has changed.

In less than 3 years I moved to Romania, married, moved back to the states, had a child, and am expecting another child. With lots of learning in between.

And struggling.

And rejoicing.

For many years I fought hard to find my vocation, the call on my life. I believed it was to be a wife and mom, a writer maybe, a friend, a listener.

The journey led me to Portland, Seattle, India, Sri Lanka, Romania.

And then, back to my hometown in Southern California.

Today I'm longing to create a soil in which the trees our little family is planting will flourish.

A marriage.





The future. The hope.

And here I'll write about those things...knowing full well that all that has come before goes into the mix of that soil. I wouldn't be who I am without the past.

I hope you'll join me as I blog about it all: the past. the now. the hope. the Glory.