Monday, July 13, 2015

Brokenness: some poetry

This week I thought I would share some poetry I wrote during those dark days.

Conversations with my Lover

i wanted to know you so well
that when you whispered
across a crowded room
i would hear you.
the hurried meanderings of
unsuspecting others
would not block but rather
carry the depth of my knowing
you.       And you me.

even in a silent solitary
i cannot hear you.
you are here next to me
but i’m afraid
our own hurried conversations
leave us none the wiser about
the other.
and my unsuspecting heart
cannot remember

what you whispered.


the prayers of the praying

black words white spaces
what to say whom to thank.
telling, as much as they ask.
i’ve never truly prayed
but only spoken
inky language
signifying the
hardness appropriate of those,
of me, afraid.

thy will be done
in this crowded icy corner
as it is in heaven.


today is holy
i sat in the sun
with you, my friend.
we talked laughed read ate.
under a topaz sky
framed with pointy chartreuse maple
leaves, i discovered the miracle
of resurrection, the sustenance of
in my tank top and shorts.
today is holy.

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