Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sometimes, it just takes time. Or: Sunday only comes once a week

What I didn't give much thought to,
was how much time it can take to find a church.

We've wanted to give a church at least three weeks of visits.
A church, that is, that we could call home.
Why three weeks?
Honestly, because a friend once told me that I should give a church three tries.

I imagine that after three weeks
one would have a good feel for the church.
Maybe hear several sermons,
get a sense for the worship,
understand different ministries offered.

Calling a church home does have some criteria.
It needs to have sound doctrine, teach the Bible, create opportunities for community,
and be socially aware.
(Which, by the way, does not mean they have ice cream socials.
Rather, social awareness includes social justice...
the deep conviction that the Kingdom of God
is here and now and that all believers of the gospel of Jesus Christ
are meant to incarnate that gospel,
be the presence of Jesus to all people,
ensuring that all are treated equally and fairly
in order that all people may taste and see
that the Lord is good).

Yeah, not exactly an ice cream social.

We wouldn't mind attending the occasional ice cream social, too.

We want to be a part of community.
Live life with others.
Do life with others.
We want to be known,
held accountable.
We long to laugh and play and dig deep.
We want our kids to be loved and known, too.
We hope to find a place that believes that investing in their little lives
is one of the most important things they can do.

Sometimes, finding all of that just takes time.
Especially when Sunday only comes once a week.

What kind of community do you hope to find in a church?

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