Friday, June 15, 2012

New Dad 2011

Last year,
while shopping at Walmart,
Bela found a t-shirt he wanted.
It said: New Dad 2011.
And, he was.
So, I bought it for Father's Day.
Several months later,
while walking on a nearby University campus,
a college girl said:
Hey there new dad, 2011!
Bela said: I won't be wearing this shirt out again.
We laughed...
and then,
the next day at our tiny church,
there was that girl!

None of that has anything to do with this post
or what I really want to say,
except that I think it's funny.

One of the first things that impressed me about the man I would marry
was the way he spoke to children.
With respect.
With honor.
With firmness.
With gentleness.

I knew he would be a good dad.
And, he is.

Let me tell you how he speaks to our daughter:
In Romanian.
He tells her he misses her when he is away from her.
He tells her she is beautiful.
He does silly talk.
He disciplines when she needs it.
He sings to her.
And it is all with so much love.

I know the picture I put with this post is a funny one,
but the guy deserves a break!
He works so hard.
In the hot California sun.
And this is what we will be doing on Father's Day:
lounging at the beach.

Let me tell you what I say to my husband,
the Planter Guy,
the one with whom, and together with Him,
I am building a house:
I respect you,
I admire you,
I love you.
I couldn't imagine a better dad for our kids.
Happy Father's Day.


  1. You described Bela perfectly. I love it that he speaks Romainian to his girl. So sweet.

  2. he does all those things. you are right. I really appreciate how he talks to our kids with much respect, he doesnt talk down, or make them feel less because they are kids. he is an awesome man and i am so glad he is yours. ;-)