Monday, June 11, 2012

Things we want to do this summer. Or: Things we want to do before baby boy is born in September.

1. Go to the beach. Lots. Laguna Beach.
2. Float down a river on an innertube.
3. Go to the Norton Simon Museum.
4. Go to Huntington Gardens.
5. Go on a road trip. So we can float down a river on an innertube.
6. Take Sophie to the zoo.
7. Organize our closets and cabinets.
8. Create a bedroom for both our kids.


  1. 1. who is that in the inner tube?
    2. inner tubing sounds fun. i wanna come!

  2. i just took that photo from google!

  3. oooh! come to KY! we have rivers! we have inner tubes!! We have people who would watch sofie so you can float on the river!!