Monday, June 18, 2012

Naming a son

We were only 13 weeks along in this pregnancy
when we learned we were having a son.
And while it took hardly any time to name our daughter,
naming a boy has been a different journey.

Our tastes in names are different.
I like things a little off the beaten path,
he likes more traditional ones: John, Joe, Bobby.
And it's understandable.
The Planter Guy grew up with an unusual name.

We haven't come to any conclusions about naming our boy,
Although we keep coming back to one
and here is the idea behind it:

At our wedding we had a song called: You're House
(lyrics to follow)
and since that time we've been impressed over and over
with the idea that what we are planting
what we are building and becoming
is not our creation,
it is His.
And so,
these trees we plant,
these children we birth,
this home that is forming,
is His build.

And the name we are close to choosing
reflects this thought:

Build us a house, Oh God,
Its rooms are filled with praise.
Build us a family Father,
sons and daughters of light.
Build us a house, Oh God,
its walls will echo your peace.
Build us a family Father,
children to run and play.

We sing as people got set free,
You dream the very best, You dream!
And then we know, we know
A home is what we find in You
You love Your children, yes You do,
We are Your house, Your home.

Build us a house, Oh God,
keep us safe at night,
Build us a family, Father,
our daughters Your Word will keep...
(by Aaron Strumple)

The words: its walls will echo your peace
are almost prophetic,
in terms of name choosing.
Sophie's middle name, Irina,
means: peace.
And the name we may choose for this little guy
means: peaceful ruler.

This wasn't purposeful,
but how amazing that they both echo the same idea...
and the prayer we prayed and sang
on our wedding day.

I realize that I've written an entire post
about a name we may not choose.
Obviously, we are close to using it.

Still, the thoughts here,
the ideas stirring,
the desires burning,
are real.

Build us a house, oh God.

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  1. um yeah, boy names are hard... But I do believe God opens a window to show you a name that is a touchstone of where you are right now. and whatever you pick is perfect