Monday, April 9, 2012

You only turn one, once

That's right, you only turn one, her dad and I threw Sophie a birthday party to remember.

 We went with a matryoshka theme mostly because I think they're cute...and we're nesting into our own little family.

 "Baby Sophie is my friend!" Some little friends from church.


 Big John and Seth having fun in the bounce house. I decided to splurge and do a bounce house because it just seemed way less stressful to me than coming up with games and prizes.

 Our Pastor Jon prayed over little Sophie.

 Some more church friends.

 Our one year old!

 The party!

 My sister JoAnna made this amazingly darling cake for Sophie.

 The goodie bags and a standard Costco cake...and a bottle o water.

 Mary and Baby Ty.

 "Let them eat cake!" Sophie loved her first taste of chocolate cake. I gave her a huge slice and she pretty much ate all of it. Which explains why she wouldn't sleep until 10pm that night. She was literally jumping in her bed!

It was a great birthday party an we were so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate our little girl. She is loved and we couldn't be more grateful.


  1. Wonderful post and party, April! Love the poetry, too.... you are blessed. Sophie is blessed to have you and Bela and all the loving family and community... did i hear #2 is on the way?! YAY! we're expecting our 3rd grandchild to join her 2 sisters (5 and 3) in September.... JOY!
    Love to all.... Holly (Simons, Rachel's mom!)

  2. Happy Birthday to Sophie, the party looked so cute and she does even more so! - Zsuzsi Khoury

  3. Such a cute party! The cake and goody bags are adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness she is too cute! Love those big smiles with her cake!! Wish we coulda been there. Loves you all!!

  5. Love the pictures of her. I hadnt seen her in too long. The top picture of her looks totally like Bela! Love it.

  6. What a cute party! She is adorable too. Happy Birthday to your girl!