Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm going to be honest.
We need work.

I was praying the other day,
knowing that before we even ask,
He knows our need.
And is meeting it according to His good will.

And still, we ask.
I ask.
We need work,
I said.

I remembered a day,
that hasn't even happened,
when we will all sit at a banqueting table,
without a single physical need.

And it occurred to me how often I've longed for that day,
not for myself,
but for others...
for those others who sit on the streets of Kolkata
or run on the streets of Galati,
whose very wounds and poverty
equal a chasm of need
when all this is over.

I longed for that day for myself.
For my husband.
For my family.

Today is Good Friday.
And I come to a table
spread out with the goodness of God.
His name,
honey to the tongue,
sustenance to the soul.

Once again I find here,
all we ever really need.

I take that cup.
I eat that bread.
And I long for the table,
the banqueting table,
where the continued eternal lavish extravagant goodness of God is spread out for all;
even me.

Especially me.

**image found on Heartsy and is called Mercy Tree

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  1. praying for you guys. I know that feeling. Joel has a job now. Not one he will have forever, but provision for today and a good step to the next good job.