Monday, March 26, 2012

The Planter Guy

He holds her hand
and in soft Romanian tongue
encourages her with each step she takes.
Offering her a strong anchor should she fall,
she finds it safe to sail ahead.

he adores her.
the feeling is mutual.
In one another
they find
love unconditional.

What she sees in him,
is what I found
just over three years ago
when he said: I like you
I'm wondering what's going on with us.

I continued to discover
safety and strength
when he said he'd move
from his home in Romania
to my home in the States.

Leaving we found
bigger hurdles than we'd expected
yet somehow
our young marriage
remained a harbor
through an international move
and the birth of a baby.

I'm certain it was Grace,
Mercies new each morning,
that held us at bay
from truly realizing
the storm we'd encountered.

I also believe this:
that Grace
that Mercy
gifted me with a love in a man
that I've rarely seen expressed toward a woman.
In short:
I've not witnessed a man love a woman as he has loved me.

Perhaps this isn't true.
Maybe it's because he's mine
and for the first time I'm experiencing
the sacrifice of love.
I'm certain most men love their wives in just this way.

All I know
is this love,
this Love,
has bound us,
rooted us,
against winds
and tempest,
that would have shipwrecked most.

And those roots,
growing down deep,
cause me to overflow with gratefulness,
on this day of his birth.
Thankful for him.
So glad beyond words,
that I get to share this living of deeper lives
with him.
The Planter Guy.