Sunday, March 18, 2012

And she turns one...

A year ago today my husband and I spent our last hours as a family of two.
She was soon to arrive.
And we were all anticipation and hope.
CLICK HERE to read more about our first baby dreams.

And now, how quickly a year has gone.
Imagining life without her is impossible
and what she has birthed in us
is deeper than any dream, any love
we thought we knew.

Mostly, all I have to say,
is that I waited all my life to be a mama...
not realizing that really what I was waiting for
was to be her mama.

He tells us that He can do more than we ask or imagine.
I've doubted that word,
I've questioned His promises,
Wondered where He was and why why why?

I may ask those questions and doubt those doubts again in my life.
Until I see her face
and know
that in those eyes, that tiny pert nose, that small mouth
is mirrored the very image of Him
who does do more than we ask or imagine.

Happy first birthday, Sophie Girl.
You are our joy.


  1. Can't believe she's already one! Hope she has a special birthday!

  2. I loved your reference to Eph 3:20. Definitely the verse God has given me for this anticipating kids time in my life.

  3. happy bday sweet, silly, crazy, loveable, huggable Sophie! You are so special to all of us. Love, Uncle John, Aunt Jo, Sarah, Micah, and Seth!

  4. "...I waited all my life to be a mama...
    not realizing that really what I was waiting for
    was to be her mama."

    Oh yes yes yes.
    This absolutely struck a chord with me.
    So very beautiful. The words, your family, your heart.

  5. Oh, April, I covet your gifting with words. Love this and am celebrating sweet Sophie with you today from afar!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweetness!! We love you too!! gammie and papa mel