Monday, June 22, 2015

Something New: Cypress and Fern

This is the "soft launch"
of something new.

A new blog.
A new company.
A new book.

So be looking for some bigger things to come.

For now,
there is this.

A few words
to say's been awhile.

The time between when I last wrote and now
has been filled with busy life...
having a baby
raising other babies
marriage maintenance

That space has also been filled
with meager attempts
at avoiding

I re-found the old Wendell Berry quote that goes something like:
When you come to the end of yourself, perhaps it is then that your real work has begun.
I feel like that.
I've tried many things....
but maybe this is my real work.

Not for fame
or fortune,
but simply for the real work of myself.
Which is worth more than fame or fortune...

I humbly ask
that you come back to this blog.
I'll try and post most days.
I can't promise that the content will always be worthwhile,
for when is that ever true?
But it will be something hopeful,
I hope.

And so,
welcome back, friends,
to Cypress and Fern.

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