Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Recently Ann Voscamp wrote the most beautiful post for her daughters.
And for all of us.

Please read it now if you haven't yet. You'll find it HERE

I made my husband read it.
I loved what she said.
I loved her prayer.
It is mine.

And the night I read it,
I cried.
For Sophie-girl,
for me.
I knew,
I know,
that as a girl and as a woman
I was prayed for by many.

And then,
I thought
of many girls and women I've met in the past decade.
Who sit on streets and beg.
Who stand on streets and sell themselves.
Who stop going to school so they can take care of younger siblings.
Who have lost parents and siblings and friends to disease and poverty and the gaping hole of misunderstanding.

One girl.
For years and years she came to The Center in Galati.
We had high hopes for her.
And then she left.
To another country.
Where she works in a massage parlor.
And we can only imagine what that means.

So I thought of this girl.
Someone's daughter.
Our daughter.
And I prayed that prayer for her.

Because I believe
that even in that dark hole of misunderstanding
she is not lost.
I believe in the One who came to seek and save her.

And If you are reading this now,
I ask you to pray for her, too.
For her
and those others like her:
the names could go on and on.
But today
they are standing on a street
begging, selling

And I believe.
That the darkness will not overcome the Light.

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