Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rethreaded: sewing a new story

See these cute pants?

They were made by a company that is in the business of helping women write a new story.
Women who've been used and abused and abandoned and exploited in the sex industry.
Women who were born with dignity
and value
and worth.
Who were born loved by their Creator.
Who were born with a purpose
to live and love and be free.

Rethreaded helps to restore these women to the value they were born with
by giving them a new trade,
a way to earn a living that doesn't exploit their humanity.
Rather, it deepens it,
by giving them purpose again.
Loving them through the pain of healing.
Guiding them onto the path of freedom.

And it starts with used t-shirts.
At least, that's how these little girl pants started out:
recycled t-shirts.
Paired together and sewn into a pair of little girl pants by the women at Rethreaded.

Here's my little girl in cute.
And soft.
And comfy.
The pants, that is.
Sophie-girl doesn't like  HATES to wear clothing that is uncomfortable.
She didn't complain once about wearing these capri style bottoms.

The top of the pants have a little yoga-pant style fold over,
which adds to the comfort.
And the cute factor.
I mean,
isn't that fabric pretty?

Tiny pleats in the front are an added detail,
that give roomy-ness and feminitiy to these tiny pants.

She's a little fasionista, I must say,
rocking the burnt orange capris with gold gladiator sandals!

What I love
most of all
is that my little girl,
is helping to restore the life of a woman she probably won't ever meet,
by wearing these pants.

I hope that this value,
this moral,
this conviction
will seep into her very blood every time she wears them,
so that when she is grown,
the burden of justice,
of sewing new stories,
of redemption,
of freedom
will be the cry of her life.

To learn more about Rethreaded, please visit their website by clicking on the picture below.

They sell so much more than little girl pants!
And they partner with some incredible organizations from all over the world 
who work to restore the dignity and value of people who've been exploited in the sex industry.

Thanks, to Rethreaded for letting me play a small part in sewing new stories. 
I'm humbled and honored.

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  1. They are really cute and I love that they are made with recycled shirts!

  2. oh my! this is so so cute! i love those little pants on that blurry, busy little lady.