Monday, May 28, 2012

Turning 40: the playlist

Over the last 10 years I've made several playlists.
The first was when I turned 30 and gave it as a 'party favor' to
friends and family who came to my 30th birthday party.

Now, I usually make one to represent the year we are having,
or a baby we are having,
or a place we are living.

And, turning 40.

I did something a little different and asked friends and family
 to contribute to the list. In all, there are 31 (!) songs...
many were suggested and many were ones I included.

Why so many? Well, this has been quite the decade.
And these songs were the soundtrack.
Mostly, they are written in the order of what was happening over the last 10 years.

Here's the playlist. If the song was suggested by someone, I put their name in parenthesis.
One song was suggested but I wasn't feeling it, so I took another from the the artist and included it.

You won't find the music here, these are just a list of songs.
Let me know if you'd like a copy.

Funny how so many of the songs suggested were exactly right...thanks for knowing me so well.

  • Cold Water Damien Rice O
  • Track 06         Rita Springer
  • Walk On    U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind
  • One Moment More Mindy Smith One Moment More (Michelle Mays)
  • Grace In the Wilderness Eoghan Heaslip    Grace In the Wilderness
  • Mother India Caedmon's Call      Share The Well
  • I Saw What I Saw Sara Groves Tell Me What You Know (Angela Schmidt)
  • Dream on Dream Jeff Foster
  • Love the Way You Walk Away   Blitzen Trapper   American Goldwing  (Elisabeth Brawley)
  •  Big Girls Don't Cry Fergie The Dutchess (Jamie Busch)
  • Go Outside Robbie Seay Band Give Yourself Away
  • All The Way Down The Swell Season Strict Joy
  • Only You The Young Victoria Soundtrack
  • Somebody Loved The Weepies Happiness (Meagan Haase)
  • When Mac Was Swimming The Innocence Mission Befriended    (Jon Brawley)
  • Farther Along Josh Garrels Love & War & The Sea In Between
  • Desert Song Hillsong This Is Our God Worship (Jenny Matthes)
  • Keep Holding On Glee Cast Glee: The Music, Vol. 1 (Rebecca Brittle)
  • Hold Us Together     Matt Maher Alive Again (Kristy Wallace)
  • Love You 'Till the End The Pogues Pogue Mahone
  • Your House Enter The Worship Circle Fourth Circle
  • I'll Wait Kris Bauernfeind Steve Guiles      (Kris Bauernfiend)
  • Swim Jack's Mannequin The Glass Passenger
  • Mighty to Save   Hillsong Mighty to Save
  • Capri Colbie Caillat Coco (JoAnna Holmes)
  • Ulysses Josh Garrels Love & War & The Sea In Between (Bela Ispas)
  • Planting Trees Andrew Peterson
  • He Who Feeds the Ravens Josh White Achor (Elisabeth Brawley)
  • My Soul Magnifies the Lord Chris Tomlin Glory In the Highest Worship
  • Long May You Run   Stephen Stills & Neil Young Long May You Run (Greg Lewis)
  • Happy Martin Sexton Seeds (Zach Brittle)

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