Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Mother's Day...

I wrote and posted this last year for Mother's Day...
and just may post it every year as it reminds me
of the gifts I've been given
and who I want to be.

But first I want to say a few things:

I celebrated my first Mother's Day in 2011,
so this will be my second, as I carry our 
second child.

For so long I longed to be a mama,
and still,
I was a woman.
With much love and nurturing to give.
I know there are many out there
who find themselves in the same spot.

A pastor in India once said that he thought
Mother's day should be Woman's Day...
and had all the women in his church stand
and saluted us.

If you are not a mother,
and want to be,
I know that great ache.
And today I say to you:
You have value more than you know,
your ache is worth something.
Feel it hard, stretch it deep, let it linger...
even when you want to run from it.
You were meant to know it
because it will point you to something more...
if you let it.
It will show you the woman you want to be.

Here's my little last year poem:

Raspy breathing,
drunk on mother's milk,
threads its way through me,
anchoring on an ancient ache,
tying tight
and hauling it to the surface.

I have always wanted you~
so reads that ache.
And the coo of your voice
the kick of your leg
echo what is as old as time;
since Sarah held her promise
and Hannah gave hers back,
I have always loved you.

This body made to carry you,
These arms meant to hold you,
This heart ready to break for you~
already breaking...
with each smile
with each cry quieted in my arms.
You have made me the mother
I was from the beginning,
creating the woman I want to be.

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  1. Our pastor celebrated all the women yesterday and it made me smile. Thanks for sharing April.