Thursday, June 25, 2015

The beginning of the end

And we know the end of racism is only the beginning of what we dream of for the future...

But the beginning,
it is here,
in the intimate settings of our lives.
When those who don't live with us,
who don't see the reality of how we daily live,
are not present.

It is in what we think about,
the thoughts only God knows.
(I'm not trying to shame talk here...
it is true...only God knows our hearts, our thoughts).

And the passing comment,
thrown out a car window.
The prayers we pray,
and the language we use to pray them.
A quick intake of breath,
or the tightening hold of a purse
when passing a man of a certain race
in the store aisle.

How do we answer the questions:
Mom, why are all our friend's white?
How does one explain
that the minority is really the majority?
And if God views us all the same,
then why don't we?

It trickles down,
those small thoughts we think,
the simple jokes we tell,
around a table,
at the soccer field.

I believe it starts with those places and people with whom we are the most intimate.
See us at our most vulnerable.
Who know we are not perfect.

That is the beginning of  the end.


How do you answer the questions about race in your home...when most your friends are white and the white really is the minority and in God's economy, we are all the same. Truly, in God's economy, the powerful are called to serve the weak. Please comment.

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