Monday, June 29, 2015

Brokenness: a mercy

I want to talk about brokenness this week...
mostly because there's so much of it.
And we can all relate.

And mostly,
we don't want to stay broken.
Which makes sense.
It's not only uncomfortable,
it's painful.
Usually brokenness makes a point of all that is wrong about us.
It highlights things we don't want to see,
but are true.
And we are faced with the sticky reality that we, indeed, are not perfect.

We want healing from brokenness,
begging for it, even demanding it.
And that spot of brokenness
where we require healing,
often means we need to take a risk on God,
for without risk,
we can never trust.
Will He heal?
Will He repair?
Will there be wholeness?
Trust is waiting between desire and demand for what God wants to do.
This is a tension.
It is where growth happens.
If not healing.
And we want to grow.
We want to change.
Not in the old ways,
but in new ones...
that is a great mercy.

A song of brokenness
This is my song of brokenness~
from a place that I never thought would break.
A song of tears- cries, moans
pain and fear.
And even anger

I am undone~
lost in this sorrow
and still so mad.
Wanting to protect myself
in many was preferring protection to healing,
because of the unknown
the unsaid.

How did we end up here?
I've failed- in so many ways.
Forgive me.
Take this brokenness
The tension between risk and healing~
Take it and make us well again.
Someday, somewhere.

And maybe all this cannot be completely gone~
but maybe a new chapter can begin.
This can't all be lost-
it can be the lead into
a new place
a new beginning
a new chapter.

Still, I wait here for You
to hear,
longing for Your ways.
Mercies new every morning,
from You,
and from me.

What do you think about trust in the tension between desire and demand for healing? Please comment.

**image is titled Word of Mercy.

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