Tuesday, August 20, 2013

She told me she loved me

Friends from home 
came to visit
and left yesterday.

I cleaned the house
washed the sheets
the towels
the floor.
Sweeping away the remnants
of them
and trying to straighten my life
back to the way it was before
they came
and left.

I ran an errand,
retail therapy,
as a way of forgetting
and bought a sugar bowl
so I'd have one for their next visit.

in the middle of that store
in the middle of my missing
and wishing for another trip,
my Sophie-girl
stood in the shopping cart
wrapped her 2 year old arms around me and said:
I love you, mommy.

It was the first time she'd ever said it,
all on her own
without me saying it before her.

it all slipped away
the missing
the wishing
the hoping
the sighing
the tears.

In my arms
I knew
I held
the only memory
I really need.

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