Thursday, January 19, 2012

Planting Trees: the blog

A New Year's Resolution of mine was to begin blogging again.

Today is January 19.

I've been slow to the uptake on resolutions this year.

And. It's never too late.

So hear I am.

And here we are.

A new blog. Planting Trees.

I don't know much about planting actual trees and neither do I know much about the trees we are planting these days.

A marriage.

A life together.

A family.

A child.

And another child.

A future.

A past.

A today.

All these. Together. Creating a soil in which we, me, I, am seeking to let roots grow deep.

So that the life that comes from these trees will flourish wildly.

And our tangled branches will stretch and rise and reach for a sky, for a Dawn, for a Star in which we glory.

That's what we're about. That's what I want to be. Join me.

Should you want to know more about me and us, please visit the ABOUT tab above.


  1. Congratulations on the news of another baby!

  2. Yes!! So excited too about the new grand baby...and that you are
    back into the world of blogging...thank you..gammie

  3. I love your fun way of announcing Little Ispas # 2! Congratulations! Now of course I want to learn more details like due date, etc.

  4. Your blog is like finding a hundred dollar bill while reading the Psalms. So two things: You know how much I love your blog and yet, wow, a baby. Nice work.